What is the safest city in Pennsylvania? When considering real estate investments or a place to call home, safety is often at the top of most people’s list. Pennsylvania, with its rich history, diverse culture, and beautiful landscapes, offers numerous cities that are not only captivating but also boast commendable safety records. In this article, we highlight some of the safest cities in Pennsylvania that potential homebuyers and investors should consider.


Nestled in the heart of Lancaster County, Lititz is a small town known for its friendly community, scenic beauty, and historic landmarks. In recent years, it has consistently been recognized as one of Pennsylvania’s safest cities. It’s community-centric events and active neighborhood watch programs make it a haven for families and individuals alike.

Franklin Park

Located in Allegheny County, Franklin Park is a suburb of Pittsburgh. The town is characterized by its safety, top-tier schools, lush parks, and low crime rates. The local police department actively engages with residents through community outreach programs, ensuring a safe environment for all.

Jefferson Hills

Another gem in Allegheny County, Jefferson Hills stands out for its peaceful neighborhoods and strong sense of community. With a crime rate much lower than the national average, it’s a top choice for families looking to settle in a safe environment.

South Park Township

South Park Township is not just known for its expansive South Park but also its commitment to public safety. The community is active in reporting suspicious activities, and the local law enforcement is known to have a prompt response rate, ensuring the safety of its residents.

Upper Providence Township

Located in Delaware County, Upper Providence Township boasts a combination of suburban charm and urban amenities. The local authorities have placed an emphasis on public safety, making it a go-to destination for people looking for a tranquil and secure environment.

Safety Beyond the Crime Rate

While low crime rates play a significant role in determining the safety of a city, other factors are equally important:

Education: Cities with better educational institutions often have more informed communities, which can contribute to lower crime rates.

Community Programs: Areas with active community centers, neighborhood watch programs, and other engagement activities usually have tighter-knit communities and lower crime rates.

Infrastructure: Well-lit streets, well-maintained roads, and easily accessible public spaces can also deter criminal activities.

Investing in Safety

For real estate investors, buying properties in safe cities can be a smart decision. Not only do safe cities offer a stable environment for rental properties, but they also tend to have higher property appreciation rates. Homes in safer areas are often more in demand, leading to higher rental and sale prices.


Safety is paramount when choosing a place to call home or making a real estate investment. Pennsylvania, with its myriad of safe cities, offers numerous options for families, individuals, and investors. By prioritizing safety and looking beyond just crime statistics. One can find the perfect spot to live, grow, and invest in the Keystone State.