Are you considering a move to Pittsburgh, PA? Known as the “Steel City,” Pittsburgh offers much more than just Heinz Ketchup and its numerous bridges. This vibrant city is brimming with rich culture, international flavors, and distinct neighborhoods that are worth exploring. Whether you’re looking to buy a house or rent an apartment in Pittsburgh, you’ll want to hear what the residents have to say about this remarkable city. Here, we present 11 valuable tips for anyone planning to move to Pittsburgh, highlighting the city’s allure and why it’s an attractive place to call home.

Embrace Pittsburgh’s Rich History

As a travel blogger at Backpack and Snorkel, Rudy shares his love for Pittsburgh, his adopted hometown. He emphasizes the beautiful parks, top museums, excellent healthcare, booming high-tech industry, and affordable cost of living that make Pittsburgh a livable city. However, Pittsburgh’s history goes beyond these attributes. You can visit historic landmarks like the Meadowcroft Rockshelter, where people lived over 16,000 years ago, the original Fort Pitt Block House, and the Carrie Blast Furnace, which played a crucial role in making Pittsburgh the Steel City. Take a stroll along 4th Avenue, once known as Pittsburgh’s Wall Street, and experience the vast number of bridges the city boasts, even surpassing Venice. Pittsburghers have their own distinct language and cuisine, offering a wealth of discoveries and countless reasons to move to Pittsburgh.

Delight in the City’s Flavorful Cuisine

Amid the chaos of the moving day, don’t forget to nourish yourself. Aimee DiAndrea Anoia, the owner of DiAnoia’s Eatery, recommends exploring the Strip District, home to a variety of culinary delights. Besides her own restaurant, Pane è Pronto take-out/bakery, and Pizzeria Davide, there are other fantastic places to grab a bite on the Strip. Bar Marco, Cinderlands, and Wigle Whiskey are among her favorites. Additionally, specialty markets like Penn Mac and Parma Sausage offer unique food experiences. The Strip is just one of Pittsburgh’s many diverse and vibrant neighborhoods, setting the stage for an exciting culinary adventure.

Discover Pittsburgh’s Eclectic Neighborhoods

Lifestyle blogger Kelsey Breisinger of Kelclight advises prospective Pittsburgh residents to explore the different neighborhoods before choosing where to live. Each neighborhood in Pittsburgh possesses its own unique character, making it important to find one that aligns with your vibe. Breisinger personally loves the trendy and walkable Shadyside area. This neighborhood offers a plethora of exceptional local restaurants, such as Square Cafe for breakfast, Mola for sushi, and Millie’s for delectable desserts. By immersing yourself in diverse neighborhoods, you’ll find a community that feels like home.

Appreciate Pittsburgh’s, Scenic Beauty

Local blogger Cristina Zaragoza of Styleanthropy explains that Pittsburgh strikes a perfect balance between small-town charm and big-city vibrancy. Coming from Texas, she needed time to adjust to Pittsburgh’s narrow and steep roads. However, these unique characteristics contribute to the city’s beauty. The picturesque hills and rivers, connected by an astounding 446 bridges, create a vibrant and captivating atmosphere. The city’s culinary scene further adds to its allure.

Prepare for a Smooth Move-In Day

To ensure a hassle-free moving day, Made EZ Moving recommends having all your belongings packed and ready for the movers before their arrival. Seal all boxes with tape to protect your items, and label them clearly for easy placement in your new home and unpacking. These preparations will facilitate a safe and efficient move, ensuring a stress-free transition to your new Pittsburgh residence. Additionally, Ross Pritchett, owner of local moving company Meta Movers, advises reserving parking space for the moving truck and ensuring driveways and staircases are clear of snow and ice, particularly during winter moves. Begin your day with a coffee at Black Forge in Allentown, indulge in a brunch buffet at The Zenith in South Side, and unwind with a record from Pleasant Dream Records in Polish Hill—the perfect way to navigate move-in day in Pittsburgh.

Claim Your Spot, Settle In, and Begin Exploring

If you’re no stranger to snagging great finds from curb alerts and bulk trash nights, be aware that a chair placed on a Pittsburgh road is not up for grabs. It’s a Pittsburgh parking institution, indicating that the parking spot is already taken. Quelcy Kogel, the local food stylist, and cookbook author, suggests utilizing this parking tradition to save space for your moving truck on the big day. Once you’re settled, Pittsburgh opens up as a delightfully approachable city. Get to know your neighbors, strike up conversations with baristas, and support the local food scene. Don’t miss the Bloomfield Farmer’s Market, where you can find local produce and incredible food vendors like Wise County Biscuits and Fet-Fisk.

Immerse Yourself in the City’s Restaurant Scene

In a large city like Pittsburgh, finding your community right away can be challenging. If you’re a food enthusiast, consider exploring East Liberty, a neighborhood that might be perfect for you. Located in the heart of East Liberty is Bakery Square, an open-air shopping and office development featuring several enticing food options, including Tako Torta, Alta Via Pizzeria, and Galley.

Embrace Pittsburgh’s Four Distinct Seasons

In your initial months in Pittsburgh, be prepared to experience the city’s four distinct seasons. Fast & Efficient, a local moving, cleaning, and installation company, highlights the warm and humid summers and the cold, snowy winters. The city showcases a blend of historic and modern architecture, and its diverse population takes immense pride in its hometown. Make the most of Pittsburgh’s cultural institutions, such as the Carnegie Museums and the Andy Warhol Museum, and relish the outdoors at parks like Schenley Park or Point State Park. Pittsburgh’s dining and entertainment options are vast, with a diverse food scene offering everything from classic Pittsburgh sandwiches to international cuisine.

Embrace New Traditions and Experiences

Susan Stabnau of Bona Fide Bellevue encourages newcomers to embrace the quirky traditions and unique experiences that make Pittsburgh so special. Get accustomed to the “Pittsburgh Left”—if you’re the first in line to turn left at a red light and the driver coming towards you waves you on, be ready to go. Pittsburghers are known for their friendliness, so don’t be surprised when strangers strike up conversations. Bellevue, a community within Pittsburgh, has recently undergone a revitalization and is home to excellent restaurants, coffee shops, a brewery, salons, and other small businesses. Experience the various events hosted by Bona Fide Bellevue, including the Art & Wine Crawl, Rhythm & Brews, Farmers Market, Live Worship Shop House Tour, and Light Up Bellevue holiday celebration.

Become an Expert in Your New City

You might already know that Pittsburgh was the birthplace of the steel industry and that Pittsburghers love adding fries to everything. However, to truly understand Pittsburgh, consider enrolling in a 12-part email course that offers in-depth insights into the city and the surrounding region. Expand your knowledge and gain a deeper appreciation for your new home.

Embrace Local Life and Take Pride in the City

Monica Grunick, the founder of local gift shop Love, Pittsburgh, emphasizes that Pittsburghers are a welcoming bunch who take pride in their city and will likely boast about how lucky they are to be there. If they ask you many questions, it’s because they are naturally curious and eager to get to know you. As a pro tip, if you need to save a parking spot for your moving truck, place a parking chair on the street—Pittsburgh’s version of reserved parking. Embrace the local pride, immerse yourself in the community, and let Pittsburgh become your beloved new home.

By following these 11 tips, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on your new adventure in Pittsburgh, a city that offers a vibrant culture, diverse neighborhoods, flavorful cuisine, picturesque landscapes, and a warm and welcoming community.